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Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values programme

CERV programme aims to protect and promote rights and values as enshrined in the EU by supporting civil society organizations active at local, regional, national, and transnational levels.

Disadvantaged youth integration into ecommerce with digital resources

The project Aim: To support actions aimed at improving the digital skills and competencies of young people, students, job seekers, and employees who have fewer opportunities in social and economic life.

Seeking Eco Giants

Empowering, engaging and activating educators and young people for environmental protection and the fight against climate change

Towards a clean energy transition

Reducing greenhouse emissions and improving the quality of life

for all


Project Kick-Off Meeting: A Successful Start

In July 2023, the project launched with its kick-off meeting held at MIHI headquarters in Riga.

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Make It Happen Infinity provides the tools for youths to overcome limitations and fears. We aim to create an atmosphere in our community that encourages young people to believe in their abilities. We help youths leverage the power of their thoughts and the energy of their motivations to make their dreams a reality.