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Teacher implementation conclusion

This article dives deeper into the successful workshops conducted by the DisinformACTION! project in Riga, Latvia. Held at Riga Hanza Secondary School (March 26th) and Riga Secondary School No. 86 (March 12th), 2024, these interactive sessions aimed to equip students with the tools to become critical consumers of information online and advocates for climate action.

Combating Misinformation and Building Climate Champions

The workshops addressed the challenge of climate change misinformation prevalent online. Through engaging activities, students learned to:

  • Think critically about online information, identifying misleading content and discerning fact from fiction.
  • Build knowledge on climate science and its impacts through interactive presentations and activities.
  • Empower their online voices by exploring digital tools for creating social media campaigns, participating in discussions, and advocating for climate action.

Measurable Impact: Confident Students, Empowered Voices

The program yielded positive results:

  • Increased Confidence: Students reported feeling more confident in evaluating online information and identifying misleading climate change content.
  • Enhanced Knowledge: Students demonstrated a deeper understanding of climate science and its global implications.
  • Active Participation: The workshops fostered a sense of agency, with students expressing a desire to participate in community-based climate action initiatives.
  • Developing Digital Advocacy: Students gained valuable skills in using digital tools to advocate for climate action and raise awareness online.

Beyond the Classroom: A Ripple Effect

The impact extended beyond the classroom:

  • Knowledge Sharing: Students actively shared their newfound knowledge and critical thinking skills with peers, creating a wider circle of awareness.
  • Community Action: The workshops empowered students to become active participants in local climate action initiatives, inspiring others to get involved.
  • Responsible Digital Citizens: Students developed the skills to navigate the online world responsibly, fostering a more informed and engaged online environment.

Teacher Feedback: Engaged Learning and Project-Based Impact

Teachers reported a significant increase in student engagement through:

  • Interactive Activities: Icebreakers, role-playing activities, and campaign creation fostered active participation and critical thinking in the classroom.
  • Media Literacy Skills: The program effectively equipped students with the skills to evaluate online information critically.
  • Project-Based Learning: Real-world projects provided students with a platform to apply their knowledge and make a positive contribution to environmental issues, fostering ownership and responsibility.

The Future: A Generation of Climate Champions

The DisinformACTION! workshops are empowering a generation of young people in Riga to become informed advocates for climate action. By equipping students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to navigate the online world critically, the project is making a lasting impact on the fight against climate change.