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Project Kick-Off Meeting: A Successful Start

In July 2023, the project launched with its kick-off meeting held at MIHI headquarters in Riga. This initial gathering served two key purposes:

  • Establishing the Project Framework: The meeting focused on solidifying the project’s work plan and agreeing on coordination tools for a smooth partnership.
  • Building a Strong Team: Fostering connections between project implementation leads was a key objective. This collaborative environment helps establish trust, which is crucial for the project’s overall success.


  • Foster a stronger European identity among youth: By understanding Europe’s shared history, young people will appreciate the continent’s contributions to human rights, education, territorial structure, and democratic values.
  • Promote inclusion and non-discrimination: Through a historical lens, the project explores migration as a natural and enriching process, fostering understanding and respect for diversity within Europe.


  • Historical, oral, and documentary research: Young participants will engage in research through various sources, deepening their understanding of Europe’s past.
  • Focus areas:
    • Examining the European project’s contributions in key areas: human rights, education, territorial structuring, and democratic quality.
    • Recognizing migration as a human experience that shapes all our backgrounds.

Expected Outputs:

  • Methodological Guide: A detailed guide outlining the project’s research and engagement methods, validated through a pilot test.
  • Audiovisual Products (6): Created by young people using the developed methodology, these products will promote responsible social communication.
  • Communication Campaign: A comprehensive campaign will showcase the project’s activities and final products, aiming to reach a wider audience.