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Ruta’s Experience in Guateloupe

I had an amazing experience and adventure I will never forget. I made so many friends, discovered new things and cultures, saw new wonderful places, learned a lot from project and every participant. It was all possible thanks to Erasmus+, MIHI Latvia and Coconutwork.

This was my first experience with Erasmus+ and that made everything even more special to me. I was a bit nervous that I will have problems to fit in, since this was my first time and I had no idea how everything will go, but no, around me were such incredible people who were so open to everything, supported me, shared their experience and made me feel like I am in the right place since the first day. By the end I felt like we are one big family. They mean so much to me- I learnt so much from them, we share unforgettable memories, and already made plans for future- they are so special . They are people who I will never forget.

Another important aspect is that I learned about entrepreneurship and how I can become one of them. It wasn’t really close topic for me before the project, but I have always wanted to try out some kind of buisness. But as I participated in this project I can see myself as an entrepreneur, because it made me interested even more. I learnt about design thinking, what was a very specific way of making buisness plan. The information I got here is very usable for whatever path I choose for my future, because entrepreneurship can be built in every field.

Besides that, it was a great opportunity to discover and see the world. It was the first time for me to travel so far away and also without knowing anyone well. I as a nature fan was impressed by the beautiful flora and fauna. It was so different from what I am used to. I have seen such a beautiful waterfalls and jungle only in documentaries, so by experiencing it in real life I was living my dream.

The cultural differences of course were very interesting aswell and it was wonderful to have conversations with locals and learn about their daily life and habits. I was glad to have the chance to present my country and others were able to learn something from me aswell. The information exchange was really fun and educational, and it made us even closer.

I am so thankful for this opportunity I had, because the experience I got in this project is so unique, I could never learn such things in school or university, this is something completly different. I got to enjoy being in beautiful Guadelope with attractive, socialy active people, who inspired me to be like them and learn about their culture, some words in their languages and also make our eco-buisnesses and learn about entrepreneurship as an opportunity for me.

Can’t wait for my next projects and new adventures!

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